If it’s any of the occasion New Year celebration, birthday party, bachelor’s party, weekend outing, treats from a friend what so ever is the reason! We directly move towards Restaurants and hotels for having a fun with dine. Some time we go out to dine for some reasons but sometimes without any reasons. If the place is good & we are delighted by the services then we will remember those moments for the years to come.

It’s the place & the service of a Restaurants or hotels which make our jiffies more special than could be; and the one& only responsible thing for the same is The Hospitality Industry. How you can make the experience of your customer’s thrilled & joyed? Do you need to hire more & more staff for better services? Do you need to refurbish your interior? Answer is a big NO!!

Personalize Your Services:What a customer expect is small-small touching things which make them feel special & happy. Every individual is different & may have different liking so what you have to do is nothing else but just add some Personalization to your services.


How to Do Personalize?

Below is the simple tips you should follow to enhance your customer experience.

  • If a group of youngsters arrive for chilling out at your place just give them a complementary Cold drinks as welcome drink. It will refresh their vein &they would definitely like to come again just for enjoying that free cold drink at your place. In the same way If a couple has booked their table with you to dine out welcome the female with a Rose & just pull chair for her to make her feel special.
  • Sending wishes on mail or card for Birthday, Anniversaries is another way to glee your rush.
  • Inviting kids to spend time in play zone so that their parents can get good time to be relaxed & relish is definitely going to work for any Hospitality service provider.
  • There could be thousands other ways to cherish you’re customers; you just need to do is inform your staff to pay an extra attentions to each & every customer. Depending upon the customer’s age, interest, and event you can add some extra small touching things which are going to impress them.

Some time it may possible that that extra efforts or service going to cost you but do remember that this small investment is for sure going to give you big returns. May be you will add that customer as your regular visitor or may be that customer will do your good verbal branding outside or may be that customer refer/recommend your place to his/her family, friends, colleagues, neighbors.

Come up with different Ideas or plans to surprise your customer & making them pleased at your place & believe me it’s for guaranteed going to give u a good outcome!!

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Digital Menu For Hotels/Restaurants

Upgrade Your Restaurant/Hotel/Café/Bar with DG Restro – A Digital Menu. Get 10% off Hurry, Limited Offer! More Details Visit: or Call Now @ 95610-91229

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Hospitality: Ideas For those Who are Hospi-phobic and Those Who are Fearless Too

Awake my Soul

It’s One Word Friday!

Like I wrote recently, part of “Choose Life” means choosing to exercise our gifts.

And you’ve got ’em!  You’re talented and capable and you’re gamers.

Hospitality seems to be one of mine, (although it’s easy to see how others are doing it so much better).  Some of you may have this gift too.  I hope you’ll add your ideas in the comments.

For others the thought of guests ringing your doorbell makes you want to hide under your bed.

Whether hospitality is one of your gifts or not, it’s a reflection of God’s welcoming heart that we’re all called to live out.  I hope this post will give you some resources and encouragement!

4 Suggestions if you’re new to opening your home:

1.  Don’t be afraid to ask for help.  Potlucks take the pressure off and this is about community not performance…

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Hospitality & Welcome

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The Himalayan Hospitality


Well, it’s said that travel is not only about the places we visit, it’s also about the people. Following are the experiences from trip in the recent past.

The local guy at Ghat No. 19

We wanted to visit the early morning Vegetable market, for which the Shikhara has to be booked in advance. We were negotiating the rate with a boatman and an owner. A localite noticed our conversation and said something to the boatman in Kashmiri. Curious, we asked him what he said to the boatman. He said – “I asked the boatman not to cheat you and provide a reasonable price. After all, tourists are the bread and butter for Kashmir.” Our first taste of Kashmiri Hospitality.

The (Gentle)men of Kashmir

We were walking on the Dal Lake Boulevard at around 7:00 pm. We passed by a vendor selling some street food (which appeared like bread). Viki…

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Journeyman Engineer – Hyatt – San Francisco

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Hotel and Restaurant Management: a global career

Pima CC Chancellor

The hospitality industry is a major component of Southern Arizona’s economy and, as a recent Arizona Daily Star story informed us, is poised to grow.

This is why I was pleased to read about our top-quality Hotel and Restaurant Management (HRM) program in the Sept. 5 edition of Inside Tucson Business. The article notes that we have dedicated space in our new Northwest Campus building to HRM. In the new space we have two classrooms that each accommodates over 25 students who get real-life training at the space’s hotel front desk, bathroom and bedroom.

PCC offers certificate and associate degree programs in HRM. Through a partnership with Northern Arizona University, our students also can transfer and complete a bachelor’s degree at Northern Arizona University

As lead faculty member Armando Trujillo notes in the story, the hospitality sector offers opportunities for employment around the U.S. and around the world. Through…

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Project Updates: Korean project to be Myanmar’s biggest hotel


A joint venture by South Korean based Daewoo International and Myanmar IGE Company has won the bid for the construction of a new hotel under the Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT) system in Yangon. The construction has begun this week and it is expected to open in late 2016.

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A 5-Star Wave-Shaped Hotel

12 Hours Apart

SONY DSC View of the fabulous Jumeirah Beach Hotel from a beach it occupies (Dubai, United Arab Emirates).


The 5-star wave-shaped hotel is centrally located and is just steps away from the renowned Burj Al Arab. Min. room rate per night is 400 USD. Fortunately I was able to enjoy several luxurious nights there courtesy of my former company


Device: Sony DSLR



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