The Himalayan Hospitality


Well, it’s said that travel is not only about the places we visit, it’s also about the people. Following are the experiences from trip in the recent past.

The local guy at Ghat No. 19

We wanted to visit the early morning Vegetable market, for which the Shikhara has to be booked in advance. We were negotiating the rate with a boatman and an owner. A localite noticed our conversation and said something to the boatman in Kashmiri. Curious, we asked him what he said to the boatman. He said – “I asked the boatman not to cheat you and provide a reasonable price. After all, tourists are the bread and butter for Kashmir.” Our first taste of Kashmiri Hospitality.

The (Gentle)men of Kashmir

We were walking on the Dal Lake Boulevard at around 7:00 pm. We passed by a vendor selling some street food (which appeared like bread). Viki…

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