The Giant Fortune Diamond

12 Hours Apart

Fortune DiamondThis gigantic Fortune Diamond comes out as part of a regular lobby show in the Galaxy Hotel Macau in Macau, China. It represents abundant prosperity and good fortune to the guests (particularly Chinese) of the casino.



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Customer Loyalty Strategies for Restaurants

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Breadcrumb Trail: Restaurant Industry News from Breadcrumb iPad Point of Sale

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Bringing new customers in is always top of mind for restaurant owners, however, building a loyal customer base can be more profitable and cheaper in the long run. There are many tools out there to help grow customer loyalty but, often times, being present and a familiar face can be the most effective. How great does it make you feel when you walk into a restaurant or bar where everyone knows you and your tastes?

There are many ways to ensure you’re making an impact on your customers, including becoming the face of the restaurant and taking action on customer feedback. Read more for tips on customer retention strategies >>

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Lunch at Ping Pong

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Dinner at the Westbourne

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Dinner at Nobu

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This Restaurant kept getting awful reviews, then they discovered something mind blowing…

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People Kept Complaining This Restaurant Sucked, Look What They Found Out…



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Watch This Superhuman Busboy Clear Off A Table In Just 30 Seconds

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Indian Restaurant Revolution

When we are happy, or there is some celebration time we straight forward move to restaurants…isn’t it true? Birthday party…headed to restaurant; India won Match… headed to restaurant…treat to chaps… headed to restaurant! That is how restaurants affect our life. In some part of Singapore and Thailand apartments do not even include a basic cooking facility, so obvious restaurants and eateries are integral part of their life.


India is also not exception, now one can find restaurants in every nook and corner of their street. The market size of India’s restaurant sector is Rs. 247,680 Crore that is 24 times bigger than Bollywood and it’s projected to grow Rs. 408,040 Crore by 2018. Even, during the recession it was shock proof industry.

According to a survey around 61% in the age group of 14-17 years eat out at least once in a week. The main challenge is that 70% of this industry is unorganized that deprive it from major benefits. The next big challenge is that the industry is overtaxed over licensed that are hampering its growth.

The FHRAI the apex body of the Indian hospitality industry that represents over 4100 members, including hotels, restaurants is taking cognizance of these problems and planning to put forward to the government.

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Green Restaurant: Save Paper & Adopt DG Restro

Go Green is the word!! On the occasion of World Environment Day, all people irrespective of their business should contribute to our mother environment. The Hospitality Industry is not an exception.

Green Restaurant Association

As a matter of fact, for each ton of paper which is being used for printing paper menu, around 7,000 water gallons and twelve trees might be saved. Restaurants and hotels have to use as many menus as they have the tables. Apart from that, a new dish or offer or discount needs to be print additionally to inform the customers about the same.

We had done a survey, I used to though that maximum printing would be require yearly in average restaurant, contrary to my belief, I found that frequent taxes, price change due to inflation or inclusion of new dishes forced the restaurant’s owner to print it twice or thrice in  a year. Apart from that a single spelling mistake ruins the whole menu.

So where is the solution? It is indeed there, DG Restro is one stop hospitality solution made for that. It is basically Tablet menu solution, no need to print paper menu for every small changes or additional pamphlet for offer and discounts. Restaurant manager can do it as frequent as they can, include a new dish, chef special every night for dinner, without involving additional cost.

Customer can browse the item on the tab, and after reviewing all the details he or she can order that will directly go to the kitchen. Hence no need for your steward or captain to take the order after explaining the dish to him then move to the cashier or restaurant manager for feeding up the order in system and after taking the print out again move to kitchen to deliver KOT!! Oops.. That’s hectic isn’t it? It has dynamic offer and event section where restaurant manager can put upcoming event and offer to get the customer informed about the same.

Paperless Restaurant Manu, apart from assisting to keep the environment green helps in saving costing, critical paperwork and precious time. Apart from printing bill there is no paper involved in this process.

So what are you waiting for, pledge to “GO Green Restaurant”, on this environment day i.e. 5th June. 

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Eating Out? The Old Fashion Way!




Most of us No, let me correct myself everyone loves to visit #Restaurants and #Hotels on weekend and weekdays also!! We love to dine, eat and enjoy with or without any reason. Still no one can deny certain inadvertently act on the part of eateries spoil our mood.

Simply think you desperately want food and it’s almost 30 minute since ordered and the person next to your table is chomping on extra cheese burger!! It will surely intensify your hunger. Delay order surely keeps the #Restaurant in dock.

Forget delayed order many a time once you get seated in your chair the “#Paper menu” itself arrive indefinite delay and you have no choice other than to look for steward and start waiving hand.

Gosh! Finally menu card arrive, a new dish named”Pasta Italiano” you like to order, but unable to find out spice level. You inquired from steward quite confused he said “Mild”. You ordered and it was damn spicy now customer has no choice other than shout or leaves the food.

Next problem from my personal experience is indeed embarrassing: In between the meal when instant craving hits, you will not found steward near you hence started “Frantically waving the hand to get the attention of someone who can take your order”. Adding to your embarrassment all adjacent guests except him is paying attention to you.

No wonder “#Hospitality industry is worth Rs. 75,000, Crores and it will be recession or inflation people will continue to dine out. Still these problems spoil the “mood of eating out”.

So what is the solution? Wait for that…

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