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Eating Out? The Old Fashion Way!




Most of us No, let me correct myself everyone loves to visit #Restaurants and #Hotels on weekend and weekdays also!! We love to dine, eat and enjoy with or without any reason. Still no one can deny certain inadvertently act on the part of eateries spoil our mood.

Simply think you desperately want food and it’s almost 30 minute since ordered and the person next to your table is chomping on extra cheese burger!! It will surely intensify your hunger. Delay order surely keeps the #Restaurant in dock.

Forget delayed order many a time once you get seated in your chair the “#Paper menu” itself arrive indefinite delay and you have no choice other than to look for steward and start waiving hand.

Gosh! Finally menu card arrive, a new dish named”Pasta Italiano” you like to order, but unable to find out spice level. You inquired from steward quite confused he said “Mild”. You ordered and it was damn spicy now customer has no choice other than shout or leaves the food.

Next problem from my personal experience is indeed embarrassing: In between the meal when instant craving hits, you will not found steward near you hence started “Frantically waving the hand to get the attention of someone who can take your order”. Adding to your embarrassment all adjacent guests except him is paying attention to you.

No wonder “#Hospitality industry is worth Rs. 75,000, Crores and it will be recession or inflation people will continue to dine out. Still these problems spoil the “mood of eating out”.

So what is the solution? Wait for that…

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